Phrases for life's battles

I've been challenged lately to treat my time on this earth with more reverent fear of God and gratitude for what I have been given. This new way of thinking has come from a real conviction that my life is not my own and that I have been bought with a price. I've also been made more aware of the fact that our lives are but a breath, as David said in one of his psalms. We spring up and show our color for a season and then we wither up and dry out and cease to exist. Life is so short, so it's very important to not let it be spent on selfishness, vain glory and self-preservation. The real freedom is experienced when everything is released to God in grateful sacrifice. I want to release all of me to God and experience the freedom of being completely filled with His grace.

Here are some little phrases that have been filling up my mind. Maybe you'll like one or two of them and be encouraged.

Hold nothing back.
Live while you're alive.
Love sacrificially.
Give without conditions or expectations.
Be bold.
Speak truth.
Hit hard (as it applies to percussive instruments).
Run fast.
Express gratitude.
Reach out.
Be kind.
Be patient.
Make music.
Be honest.
Be foolish for God's glory.
Don't let fear hinder your love.
Love kicks fear's ass.

I'm sure more will come to mind as God continues to draw me out into new territories.

Peace and Love,


  1. Thanks, Dane. I am with you on this idea and will try even harder to realize the impact I can have on this world when acknowledging God's grace and desiring to serve Him.

  2. Fear is always in need of a good ass kicking. I like.

  3. The last one made for a good laugh. Great stuff