Capitola, CA

A friend and I wandered around Capitola this afternoon. We weren't looking for anything in particular, but found ourselves constantly commenting on the perfect ocean breeze and the sun's delightful warmth.

We watched surfers fight over waves and commented on the incredible magnetism of the moon providing so many people with exhilarating water recreation. Just a little too much magnetism and the earth would be continually pummeled by tsunami waves. Nuts! None of this blabber is scientifically-backed, but my friend Mike told me all of this as we walked away from the ocean and he also said he used to be obsessed with Discovery Channel, so yeah...

Coffee is really good and I'm addicted to it. I'd been hearing a lot of hoopla over Verve Coffee Roasters and so I decided to see what all the buzz was about. It turns out that they make really good coffee that tastes better than average coffee and is more expensive than average coffee. That's all.

I visited a place where I'd once slept a few years ago. A few friends and I threw down our sleeping bags on a cliffside overlooking the ocean. We had arrived at this place after dark and so we didn't know we were on a cliffside at the time of our falling asleep. It wasn't until we woke up the next morning that we read this and saw the heights at which we'd slept.

We also stumbled upon another really informative sign as we walked around the town. It turns out that dogs pooping is a really big problem in this area. People really need to train their pets better. Animals should not be pooping. Ever. That's sick.

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