Portland Road Trip, Pt. IV

Let's start off by saying that Starbucks is a cheap, corporate-minded, manufactured imitation of what a legitimately thought-out coffee-going experience should be. That said, Portland offers so many possible coffee experiences that we found ourselves overwhelmed with options. We frequented places that served Stumptown Roasted Coffee, went to more obscurely authentic establishments like Oblique, Coava, Barista, and Crema, but still didn't begin to wrap our minds around the vast coffee culture that thrives in Portland. In Portland, coffee is done with artisanal pride. Shops put soulful style into their rented spaces, and, snobby though they may be, the baristas consistently make a damn good cup of coffee because in this town, if you're not pulling great shots every time, lingering nearby is an under-employed hipster ready to replace you at the drop of a fedora.

Who loves waffles? Do you ever wish you could just walk up to a window and have them pass you out a plate full of them in a moment's notice? Well someone in Portland wished this too and instead of doing nothing about it made this beautiful dream a reality. The Waffle Window offers salty, sweet and savory toppings on a square bed of perfectly golden brown, crispy waffles. Some of the toppings are somewhat unorthodox, like mushrooms, bell peppers, caramelized onions, brie cheese, and the like, but are so delicious that they make you re-think a waffle's purpose. A waffle can pair with so much more than butter and syrup. The Waffle Window of my heart has been opened and I don't think I'll ever be the same again.

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