Lesser Loves

Here's a song that has been playing through my head for a few months now. I wanted to share it in its infant stage with y'all. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I know that you are ever for me
I dare to think that you're always there
But I forget the simple story
About a love that really went somewhere

My flesh you know it always fails me
My mind will hold a constant sound
But you have calmed the raging waters
So I have hope that you can calm me down

Sometimes I hear the trumpet sounding
The rain becomes a flood
Your ageless words and hope surround me
I hold onto your love

Lesser loves are calling loudly
In the quiet I still hear her shout
She proved she was never for me
While I lived in lies to confirm her doubts

I recall the place you found me
My heart had come undone
With ageless words and hope surrounding
I held onto your love

I still hold on to your love.

...ramble on...

1 comment:

  1. This song is stunning and I am impatient for it to be set to music that it might greet my ears every day.
    I'm so glad you're so good with words. :)