I, the spell

I'm slightly concerned that I'm under a spell
It makes heaven seem far and earth like a hell
I arrive at these worries when thoughts are not well
Untie, untangle what's so tightly wound!

It arrives as a flash or as some passing phrase
Through morning it lasts and on through the day
Laughter can break it, but sometimes it stays
Until it's I who is it; a soul without face.

It comes in with the weather, goes out down the drain
And do I go with it? What "me" still remains?
Less full and more empty, I'm sure I have changed
Wet without springtime, in spite of the rain.

So what creature has cursed me? Am I one in the same?
Knowing the answers, yet feeling this way
I do all the hurting then feel all the pain
A spell is upon me and I know it by name.

...ramble on...

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