The Desert

Return to the desert, to the place where you don't have enough.
Go back to being thirsty and search the land for food.
Move day to day without thought for tomorrow.
All you're guaranteed is right now.

Return to the desert, to the place where you aren't enough.
Go back to looking up for answers and crying out for help.
Move step by step with God without pride in your direction.
All that you can see is a pace in front of you.

Return to the desert, to the place where you are brought low.
Go back to being humble and confess your human frailty.
Be broken enough to be carried by a God who knows the way.
All hope is found in Him.

Go to the desert so that you can be with God.
He comforts those who mourn, and a broken and contrite heart the LORD does not despise.
Go find shade with God in the desert.

I don't know about you, but I've been avoiding the desert because like most human beings I shun pain and discomfort. But I've been realizing that in my pain and in my hurt I trust God more and more. The pain brings about this surrender in me that no comfortable place ever evokes. So I've been challenged to see the desert through a different perspective. The desert places in life are where we can know intimacy with God like never before. The desert is like sobriety for our souls; it makes us aware of our desperation for God. The desert's where God's waiting for us to be led by Him.

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  1. TRUTH.
    This definately resonates with my soul.