Pros and Cons of the Road...

Being constantly on the move has been both difficult and rewarding. My list of good things about being on the road far outweighs the difficulties I’ve been facing, but I’ve listed both for your viewing pleasure. I’ve listed the “bad” first and then followed it up triumphantly with the good, great, and wonderful.

Things that I’ve found to be annoying about being on the road:
Dirty toilets, gas station coffee, not sleeping, being woken up by Police after having finally fallen asleep, inconsistent eating, holding in my pee for long distances, pizza overload, junky sound systems and not getting to pet my dog Chai.

Things that I’ve found to be awesome about being on the road:
Waking up in a new place every day, driving through somewhere I’ve never seen before, getting to move on past a place if it really sucks, trying new types of food, hearing all of the regional accents and then mimicking them to see if they’ll notice my fraudulence, learning people’s stories, learning local history, trying to figure out why a town exists where it exists and how it continues to exist, seeing places that I’ve only heard about through books or television (ie. Amish people, Mississippi River, Gates BBQ, Hannibal, MO at night, etc.), having people look at me curiously, not having a set schedule, imagining what it would be like to live in each place we pass through, trying out random hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, getting to say that I’m on tour with my band, and getting to know the people that I’m traveling with in a very real way almost instantaneously.

I want to do this rambling stuff for the rest of my life. It’s hard work to constantly move around and pack stuff in and out place after place, but it’s amazing. I feel like a missionary in such an unconventional way. Apart from the hope of God and the message of redemption that I’ve heard I’d have no reason to do this. In fact I’d burn out real quick and probably just go sit on my butt at home for the rest of my life. However, this gospel is worth spreading and to the one that proclaims it there lies a blessing of sustenance, energy, courage and abundant life. I’ve been blessed with these things while being out here, and the grace I’ve received from God even on this trip has satisfied me in a way that I’ve not experienced within the comfort of my self-focused life. Though, as an artist, I want to promote my music and my lyrics I’ve found that I’m nothing in comparison to who God is, duh! This trip isn’t about The Music Room, Lyrycyst, or Adam Cappa. This trip is worthless unless it is propelled by the hope of God and the love found in the gospel. That’s it. That’s all that matters.


  1. Very cool and well written. Encouraged by your journey. See you soon!

  2. im petting chai, while Im reading this:) she says hi!